Sep 5, 2015

Top 10 Forex Trading Sites Based on Global Rank

A Forex Trading Website is a place where people trade currencies, they serve as a broker between traders. People use the basic principle "buy low and sell high", they buy a currency when it's undervalued, then they sell it when it becomes overvalued to make profit, they predict if the price of a currency will go up or down. There are several factors to be considered before deciding to buy a currency like the economic situation of the country owning a currency, the supply and demand for that currency and other factors, and experience is needed to make the right decisions. Newbie traders are offered a demo account so that they could practice first before trading real money and they would get familiar on how the trading works. Forex trading also has risks that's why it's not suitable for all people, it needs patience to become successful in forex trading.

Here are the most popular forex trading sites based on their global rank.

1. Oanda


Alexa Global Rank - 2,709
Google PageRank - 8/10
Year Started - 2001

2. InstaForex


Alexa Global Rank - 5,107
Google PageRank - 3/10
Year Started - 2007

3. eToro


Alexa Global Rank - 5,736
Google PageRank - 6/10
Year Started - 2007

4. Markets

Alexa Global Rank - 7,905
Google PageRank - 4/10
Year Started - 2008

5. FXOpen


Alexa Global Rank - 10,013
Google PageRank - 4/10
Year Started - 2003


Forex Capital Markets

Alexa Global Rank - 20,346
Google PageRank - 5/10
Year Started - 1999

7.  iFOREX
Alexa Global Rank - 21,268
Google PageRank - 5/10
Year Started - 1996

8.  Plus500

Image result for

Alexa Global Rank - 21,809
Google PageRank - 5/10
Year Started - 2008

9. HotForex


Alexa Global Rank - 22,361
Google PageRank - 4/10
Year Started - 2010

10.  Forex

Alexa Global Rank - 24,757
Google PageRank - 5/10
Year Started - 1999

11. FxPro


Alexa Global Rank - 37,712
Google PageRank - 4/10
Year Started - 2006

12. easy-forex

Alexa Global Rank - 41,945
Google PageRank - 5/10
Year Started - 2003

13. OctaFX


Alexa Global Rank - 57,256
Google PageRank - 3/10
Year Started - 2011

14. FXDD


Alexa Global Rank - 59,918
Google PageRank - 5/10
Year Started - 2002

15. 24FX


Alexa Global Rank - 82,138
Google PageRank - N/A
Year Started - 1999

If you have already used any of these forex trading platforms, please share your feedback with them on the comments. This will help other traders choose which forex broker they will join based on your feedback. If you know any other popular forex broker that I missed, just tell me.


  1. Great list of forex brokers. I'll try all the top 5 brokers in the list.

    1. Go ahead try them and see which is the best for you.

  2. Forex is both profitable and risky, it's a double edged sword like many people say. Still if you are a risk taker, forex trading is good for you.

  3. Yeah, forex is a double edge sword, the technique in making profit from forex is experience so you need to practice a lot to become a better trader.

  4. Is there anyone here who is already a professional trader? Which broker are you currently using?

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