Oct 3, 2015

Top 6 Sites to Make Money Online 2015

most popular sites so earn money online

One of the important rules when planning to make money online is to work only with reliable sites.
Below is a list of the most popular sites to make money online, these programs are legitimate that's why they're popular so rest assured that the time spent in working with these sites won't be wasted. 

Google Adsense

AdSense is a platform run by Google which gives people opportunity to monetize their website or blog by displaying ads relevant to their topic. The program pays per click so you earn every time a visitor clicks on the ads displayed on your site.
One of the most important rules of AdSense is to refrain from clicking your own ads because they will easily detect this which will result to the cancellation of your account. Google Adsense pays through several methods depending on your country, they pay through Check, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), Wire Transfer and Western Union Quick Cash, the minimum payment is $100 USD. Read this tutorial on How to Make Money With Google Adsense for more info. Other popular ad networks like Adsense are Infolinks and RevenueHits, these networks have easier application approval than Adsense.

Amazon Associate is a program by Amazon, the number one online shopping site in the world. You can earn money with this program by promoting their products on your website or blog. When the visitor on your website clicks on the product that you promoted from Amazon and buys it, the click will be tracked and you will earn a commission around 8% per item. For example, if you sell a product worth $100, you will earn a commission of $8. If the customer doesn't buy the product that you promoted but still buys other products from Amazon, you will still earn a commission as long as the customer clicked the products that you we're promoting. Amazon Associate pays through Check, Direct Deposit and Amazon Gift Certificate. Minimum payment for Direct Deposit and Gift Certificate is $10, while minimum payment for Check is $100. Non-U.S. residents cannot avail of Direct Deposit method, it is only for U.S. members. Read this aricle on wikihow about How to Make Money With Amazon Affiliate Program for more info. Another popular program like Amazon Associate is eBay Partner Network.

3. Elance
Elance is a freelance marketplace, it is the place where the employer and freelancers meet. Their you can apply for different jobs like web design, article writing, programing, customer service, sales representative, transcriptioning, virtual assistant and many more. Elance has several payment methods to choose from, they pay through PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, Wire Transfer and ACH Bank Transfer (ACH payment is available to U.S. Bank Accounts only), they pay once a week.


Shareasale is currently the number one affiliate network on the web, they are just similar to Amazon associate, you promote their merchants products on your site then you earn a commission whenever the visitor from your site clicks and takes action on the site you referred. ShareASale pays through Payoneer, Check, and Direct Deposit. Their minimum payment is $50 and they pay on a Net 20 days schedule.

5. Instaforex

Instaforex is a popular forex trading website, people make money there by trading currencies. They offer a demo account for new traders so that they could practice first before trading real money and they would get familiar on how the trading works. Whenever the new traders feels ready, they can now enter the real trading and get access to the forex market. Their minimum deposit is $10 for micro trading, $100 for mini trading and $1000 for standard trading. Read this  tutorial on wikihow about how to trade forex for more info. There is also a post about a Forex No Deposit Bonus Without Verification Promo by FBS which you can avail.

Admob is another platform owned by Google which gives app developers the opportunity to monetize their apps by displaying ads on it. Admob offers several payment methods depending on your country. You can claim your earnings through Check, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), Wire Transfer, Western Union Quick Cash or Rapida, their minimum payment is $100. Android, iOS and Windows Phone apps are compatible with Admob. 

This list is not enough because there are more popular websites out there where you can earn money from. If you want to look for more sites, you can easily find them on search engines. Good luck!

What can you say about this list? Which platform do you think is the best for you? Please share your thoughts on the comments. You can also share this post. Thanks.


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  2. Which site are you referring to? You can look for payment proofs on Google. Just type "name of site payment proof". Hope I answered your question.

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