Jun 12, 2020

Top 5 Highest Paying PopUnder Networks - Best CPM Rates

Last Updated on: June 12, 2020 

Below is the list of the top 5 highest paying best pop under ad networks, ranked according to their popularity.

Note: Your CPM rate will greatly depend on your traffic source, if your visitors come from tier 1 countries (wealthy countries), then you'll get the best rates available.

Adsterra is a premium popunder network with over 10 billion ad impressions per month. This ad network has one of the highest CPM rates with 100% fill rate. Their ads are not only malware free but also filtered at the same time, showing only the good quality ads to avoid hurting the user experience. 

Adsterra was founded in 2013 and kept on growing since then. Now they are one of the prominent popunder ad networks and it's because of the excellent quality of service they provided to their publishers and advertisers.

Payout Methods - PayPal, Payza, Paxum, Webmoney, Wire Transfer, ePayments, Bitcoin

Minimum - $100 for PayPal, Payza, Paxum, Webmoney, ePayments and Bitcoin, $1000 for Wire Transfer

Payment Schedule - Net 15 days

Note: You don't need to request for withdrawal of your earnings as they are done automatically. Once your balance reaches the minimum threshold, it will be automatically sent to your preferred payment method on a Net-15 basis.

PopAds is a high paying popunder network and is one of the oldest which was established in 2010. PopAds' CPM rate does not go below $4 for US traffic and they also allow you to determine your own rate, so if your site receives a lot of traffic, then you can set your minimum rate.

Payout Methods - PayPal, AlertPay, Wire Transfer

Minimum - $5 for PayPal and AlertPay, $500 for Wire Transfer

Payment Schedule - Daily

3. PopCash

popcash highest paying popunder network.

PopCash is one of the highest paying popunder network with a CPM of up to $8 for traffic coming from tier 1 countries and a guaranteed 0.001 pay for each visitor for low quality traffic. PopCash was established in 2012 and kept on expanding since then. They accept almost all kinds of websites and blogs and their approval process is really quick so you'll be able to implement their ads just minutes after signing up.

Payout Methods - PayPal, Paxum, Payza

Minimum - $10

Payout Schedule - Daily

4. Propeller Ads Media
Propeller Ads is also a high paying popunder network with a CPM rate of up to $7 for quality traffic. Propeller Ads started in 2011 and is currently one of the fastest growing ad networks. The only con about Propeller Ads is that they don't offer PayPal as a payout method which is the most preferred way of publishers in withdrawing their earnings. But in terms of reliability, you can definitely rely on Propeller Ads on monetizing your traffic.

Edit: Propeller Ads already added PayPal as payment option with minimum cash out of $100. Good news for publishers who were requesting to add PayPal.

Payout Methods - PayPal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer

Minimum -  $100 for PayPal and Payoneer, $500 for Wire Transfer

Payment Schedule - Net 30 Days

5. PopMyAds
PopMyAds is another high paying popunder network which was established in 2014. They also accept almost all kinds of sites just like PopCash and the application approval is instant as well.

Payout Methods - PayPal, Payza, Wire Transfer

Minimum - $5

Payout Schedule - Within 7 Days after request

6. RevenueHits

RevenueHits is a performance advertising network which also offers popunder ads. The only con about RevenueHits is that they don't use SSL (https://) on their site which is important for securing the login information of the publishers. But in terms of CPM rate, theirs is also high and they also have banner ads which you can implement on your site to increase your revenue. They also accept almost all kinds of sites and the application approval is fast as well.

Edit: RevenueHits already upgraded their website security by impementing SSL on their site. That's good news.

Payout Methods - PayPal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer

Minimum - $20

Payout Schedule - Weekly, Net 30 Days

What do you mean by quality traffic?

- Quality traffic means that the visitors to your site comes from wealthy/developed countries and are 21 years old and above. These type of visitors usually have jobs already or have pensions and has credit cards, and they can afford to purchase the products or services that the advertisers offer. Therefore, they are the kind of people that the advertisers are looking for.

What is CPM rate?

- CPM rate is the average amount you'll receive for every 1,000 visitors. If the CPM rate is $5, then you'll earn an average of $5 for every 1,000 unique visitors.


1. It is best to place only 1 - 2 popunders on your site that displays only once every 24 hours per visitor so that you won't hurt the user experience. Visitors get annoyed when they already clicked something on a site a couple times but only popunders keep on opening in a new tab instead of being redirected to their desired page. So don't put too much popunders on your site so that your visitors would keep coming back instead of avoiding your site because of too much popunder ads

2. To see for yourself on which popunder network really pays the highest, try each of them for one week then record your earnings. Your list will likely be the same as here.


Their is only a small difference on CPM rates between popunder networks. Whichever ad network you're working with, as long as you can deliver quality traffic, you'll always get the best rates automatically once their system detects that your website is bringing in quality traffic. Ad networks give a little bit more importance to their top earning publishers by responding quickly to their queries and processing their thousands worth of withdrawals as soon as possible so that these high quality publishers won't leave their network. Because the more income their publishers generate, the more income they generate as well.

This does not mean that they do not give importance to the low earning publishers. They know that each publisher has the potential to increase their traffic significantly thus increasing their earnings as well, it's just that they give a little bit more priority to the already high earning publishers.

Which pop-under network do you think is the best? Share your thoughts on the comments.

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  1. Best popunder network try here https://popundercash.net

  2. In case you are looking into generating cash from your traffic via popup advertisments - you can embed one of the highest paying networks: PopCash.

  3. Been working with popcash for more than 2 years already and I'm glad that they are on the top of this list.

  4. I'm currently with propeller ads, ill try the others and compare the cpm rates.

  5. Popcash is the best paying network no need to try others.

  6. ok i will try popcash and see if im going to earn more with them than my current popunder network

  7. Hello admin. Adsense rejected my blog so I used popunders to make money, but my earnings too small. What is the best ad network for low traffic blogs?

  8. Hello rajid. The fact that AdSense rejected your blog means that it needs more improvement. I suggest that you focus on improving the quality of your blog first instead of looking for ad networks to monetize it. Once your blog gets accepted by AdSense, you won't need popunder ads anymore because AdSense ads are already enough. Hope I helped.

  9. I agree. There is really no big difference in the cpm rates, it depends on your traffic source and niche. im currently active with popcash and popads because i think they have more advertisers than the other popunder networks which means their cpm rates are a bit higher.

  10. Adscpm is one of the best popunder networks, they also pay high. You should consider including them. Their cpm rate is the same as popcash and popads.

    1. I will check out Adscpm and will include them in the list if they are also popular just like the best popunder networks listed above.

  11. Sometimes popcash pay higher, then sometimes popads. It also depends on how many advertisers they have on a given period. The more advertisers the popunder network has, the higher their cpm rates.

  12. I like propeller ads but they not pay through paypal, the minimum withdraw is high. I wish they will pay through PayPal.

    1. They say that PayPal fees are too high, but I think it's ok if they charge it from the publishers earnings just like what PopCash does,it's not too big anyway.

      If they add PayPal as payment option, I'm sure they will get more publishers and advertisers as well.

  13. PopAds for me!
    PopCash compared to PopAds is a joke!

    I use them both for years. 3 years ago, my traffic dropped by 80%. So, with small traffic I get $5-10 per month with Popads, and hardly $10 for 3 months. You decide... or just test it for awhile!

    My top traffic comes from US, UK, IN, CA, AUS.

    1. I think PopAds and PopCash are close competitors, their rates do not differ that much. Like I said, no matter which ad network you use, as long as you can deliver quality traffic, you'll always get the best rates.

      But thanks for sharing your experience with these ad networks.

  14. Good news! Propeller Ads already added PayPal as payment method. You can now withdraw your earnings using you PayPal email. Minimum threshold is $100.

    1. Thanks for the info. I already updated my payment information for Propeller Ads.

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  17. I am currently using popads with propeller as back up. Still to check which is better. Popads or popcash. Is popcash better? Although I am using the pop under or tab under only as I personally do not like pop unders that are switching to be the active tab or window. It drives the visitors away in an instant.

    1. PopAds and PopCash are two big rivals in the popunder industry. They don't differ that much. If you can send quality traffic, you'll actually get the same CPM rates.

  18. Looking to join new affiliate programs?
    Visit this affiliate directory to find the ultimate list of affiliate networks.

    1. I checked the link and there were a lot of affiliate networks. I think people who visit that page will have a hard time joining because there's a lot to choose from.

  19. did popcash count each impression or clicks

  20. Thanks for the wonderful post! I certainly enjoyed reading it, you will be a great author.

  21. Excellent article, Keep up the excellent works guys.

  22. Hi there, You've done a great job. I'll definitely digg it and personally suggest to my friends…

  23. Hello Friends
    i use popads its was good with cpm rates but in this last days its look like shit so did anyone use other network for traffic france ?

    1. Maybe there were few advertisers during the last few days. Remember that CPM rates are also affected by the number of advertisers.

      But it will go back to normal because PopAds is a big network.

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