Feb 24, 2017

Free $30 Forex No Deposit Bonus

If you are looking for a Forex broker that offers a No Deposit Bonus, then XM has it. XM gives free $30 No deposit Bonus for new clients, this is their way of allowing new clients to test their trading platform without requiring these new clients to deposit their own money. XM is currently one of the largest and well known Forex Brokers in the industry and this promo their currently offering will just make them even more popular by attracting more clients. Read below to find out how to avail of this limited promo.

What is the No Deposit Bonus?

The $30 No Deposit Bonus allows traders to test XM's super fast execution in a real trading environment with no investment risk. When you claim your bonus, the amount will be credited to your account instantly to be used for trading. Any profits made can also be withdrawn later.

Who can claim this bonus?

This promotion is available to all traders opening an XM Real Account for the first time. In some regions however, an alternate promotion may prevail. There is a 30-day limit from the date of opening your account in which time you must claim the bonus before it is rendered unavailable.
How to get the bonus?

To claim the bonus, you need to follow a few simple steps:

1. Open a Real Account with XM
2. Log in to the Members Area using the credentials sent to you by email
3. Provide the relevant identification documents to
validate your account (if you have not already done so)
4. Click the button to Claim your Bonus
5. Complete the SMS verification process by following the on-screen instructions

Bonus Terms and Conditions 

1. This promo is available only to clients who haven't registered a real account with XM before.

2. All qualified clients are allowed to open only one (1) “No Deposit Bonus” Account per one (1) unique IP address.
Multiple registrations from the same IP are not allowed nor multiple “No Deposit Bonus” Accounts register
with same personal details.

3. Only one person per household can avail of the promo.

4. The $30 bonus can be used only for trading and cannot be withdrawn, profits made from the bonus can be withdrawn.

5. Profits from trading on “No Deposit Bonus” Accounts may be withdrawn anytime, provided that the trading 
volume in the relevant real trading Account reaches at least 50 micro lots ( 0,5 standard lots ), and provided that
at least 5 round turn trades have been completed. The number of lots traded and of round turn trades realized
can be verified by logging in to account under the “Account History” tab or by logging in to Members Area.

6. Subject to the provisions set forth above, the minimum amount that can be withdrawn from any account that 
participates in this “Bonus Scheme” cannot be less than twice the amount of granted “No Deposit
Bonus”.(example: amount of “No Deposit Bonus” = 30 USD – min. withdrawal amount = 60 USD) and that in
order to be able to withdraw from any such accounts all orders (including pending orders) must be closed.

7. Use of Expert Advisors or any other form of automated trading like trading 
signals, scalping, arbitrage techniques and news trading is not allowed. Similarly, the use of proxies is not allowed with respect to any such accounts either. All trading
instruments that are available in the trading terminal can be used for trading. All orders that have been placed
at non-market prices will be cancelled.

General Terms

1. Please note that it may take up to 24 hours before any bonus is added to the account of an Eligible Client who
meets all of the criteria set forth herein.

2. The “Bonus Scheme” applies to all clients who open real Account with XM in accordance with the rules set
herein and granted bonuses may be used for trading purposes only and cannot be withdrawn.

3. Any withdrawal of funds from an Eligible Clients real Account(s) with XM will immediately nullify all previously
awarded Bonus(es) and will cause all previously awarded Bonus(es) to be withdrawn from the respective Eligible
Clients real Account with XM.

4. This promo currently has no stated end date, it will be available until XM ends it.

Link to XM Bonus

If you have already tried this broker, please share your honest feedback in the comments.

Do you have questions regarding this promo? Just leave your questions in the comments and I will answer them immediately.

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